Meet Our Artist

Owner / Master Artist

Roots in Beauty and Empowerment

I'm from Northern California and have always been passionate about enhancing women's natural beauty. Growing up, I was surrounded by influential women in the beauty industry, including my mother. I witnessed the power of beauty transformations to boost self-confidence. Although I was drawn to the beauty industry, I pursued a traditional education path due to family expectations.


Traditional Paths and Family Life

I achieved a Bachelor's Degree from the Dominican University of California, even while expecting my first child. Afterward, as I raised our son and worked part-time, I felt a yearning for more. In 2017, I started a Master’s in Education, only to find out I was expecting our second child halfway through. Post childbirth, I embraced motherhood wholeheartedly for the next few years.


Rediscovering My Passion

Over time, my desire to be in the beauty industry intensified. Eventually, I decided to follow my heart. I earned my certification as a Microblading Artist and continually seek opportunities to perfect my craft. I firmly believe in pursuing one's passion. My mission is to make every woman who enters my studio feel and look their best. I'm dedicated to delivering natural-looking brows tailored to each individual with precision, honesty, and professionalism.


Dedication to the Art of Beauty

Since starting my career, my passion for the art of permanent makeup has fueled continual growth and skill development and the broadening of my service offerings. I continue to educate myself, adding additional certificates that allow me to provide specialized services like ombre brows, lip blushing, and corrections. I'm also in the process of adding paramedical services to my portfolio. Recognizing the growing demand for quality beauty services, I've moved to a larger location and brought another talented artist on board. As the business continues to flourish, I have plans to expand the team even further, ensuring that more people can experience the transformative power of personalized beauty.

Sierra Friar - Owner & Master Artist of The Studio - Permanent Makeup
Expert Artist

My PMU Journey

My journey as a PMU artist began with my own struggles with thin, uneven eyebrows. Frustrated with the time and effort it took to draw on the perfect brows each day, I began researching permanent makeup as a solution. After immense research, I decided to take the plunge and get my PMU certification. I underwent rigorous training and practice to master the art of microblading, combination brows, and more. I was determined to not only solve my own eyebrow struggles, but to help others do the same. Today, I've taken my skills to The Studio, where I get to work alongside owner and fellow PMU expert Sierra Friar.


Bay Area Roots

As a Bay Area native, I have a unique perspective on the beauty industry. Growing up in the diverse and vibrant culture of Northern California has exposed me to a wide range of beauty standards and aesthetics, inspiring me to be open-minded and accepting of all kinds of beauty. This passion only grew stronger when I became a mother, as I discovered the importance of self-care and feeling beautiful in your own skin.


Personalized Care

As a permanent makeup artist, I have the privilege of connecting with my clients and providing personalized treatments that meet their individual needs and goals.

Gina Markle Permanent Makeup Artist at The Studio - Permanent Makeup