Frequently Asked Questions


Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing eyebrows where pigment is placed into the superficial layers of the skin in precise, fine strokes resembling hair with a hand tool composed of multiple, tiny blades. This procedure creates individual eyebrow “hairs” and typically lasts about 12-18 months before fading.

Microblading offers clients of all ages the opportunity to have natural, fuller and more defined brows without the hassle of having to apply eyebrow makeup each day. It is great for anyone looking to shorten their daily makeup routine or for those women struggling to get the brow definition and symmetry they desire.

Microblading is great for individuals with dry to normal skin who are looking for a natural enhancement to their eyebrows. It is the least “dramatic” look while still giving clients a very natural and beautiful result.

While Microblading works well on many individuals, it is not for everyone. People with oily skin, acne, or very large pores are not well suited for Microblading. The oils in the skin will push the pigment out and “blur” the hairstrokes upon healing.

The Microblading and Shading technique or Combo Brow is great for all skin types and offers a soft, natural look for those with very little eyebrow hair.

Combo brows are a great option for ALL skin types and women of all ages. A machine is used to shade the brow area and manual hair strokes are used for a natural effect.

Prior to your appointment:

Please ensure that you have read, completed and signed the required forms prior to your appointment. They are available here to print. If you do not have access to a printer, I am happy to provide them when you arrive, just allow for additional time for your appointment (approximately 20 minutes) It is greatly appreciated that you bring them completed so we can get to the fun stuff!

Please do not come to your appointment if you have had Botox within the past 2-3 weeks, are sunburnt, have taken asprin or advil within 24 hours prior to your appointment, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If any of these instructions are not adhered to, I will unfortunately not be able to perform the service and will have to reschedule you for a later time and you will forfeit your deposit.

During your appointment:

I will go over your forms and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process. I will remove any brow makeup and cleanse the brow area, then take before pictures. I will then move on to the mapping process which is the most important time during the entire Microblading experience. Proper mapping ensures symmetry, shape, thickness and proportionality are all addressed and created to each clients face shape and individual desires. I take my time during this step as it will be the template that I use to create your brows. Your input is very important so please feel free to speak openly about what you want your brows to look like. I’m not a mind reader and my feelings won’t be hurt if you do not like the initial shape we create, so please speak up before we begin the actual Microblading process! After we agree on a shape, I will apply a numbing cream which sits for about 20 minutes to ensure maximum client comfort during the process. From start to finish, please plan on 3 hours as I like to take my time and don’t want to be rushed while creating your fabulous brows. Upon completion, I will send you home with aftercare instructions and schedule your touch-up appointment. Remember, Microblading is a two-step process and is not complete until after the second appointment!

After your appointment:

Please follow the aftercare instructions! The quality of your brows and how they heal depends directly on your following the instructions I give you. Make sure not to pick, rub or scrub your eyebrows until after they are completely healed. Feel free to take advil or asprin if they are tender after your appointment. The closer you follow the instructions, the better the results.

The Touch-Up Session:

6-8 weeks after your first appointment, you may need to come back to reinforce hairstrokes and add back any hairstrokes that were lost during the healing process. This is also a time to make any adjustments to shape or color. Please us the "More info" link under each service in the Select Services tab on the Book Now page for pricing. 


Lip bushing is a semi-permanent procedure that enhances the color and shape of the lips, making lips appear more symmetrical and full. Colors are customized to each client and can be bolder or more natural in appearance. Multiple sessions may be required in order to achieve desired result and target color.

Lip blushing requires touch ups every 1-3 years. Frequency of touch ups varies depending on client skin type, lifestyle, etc

Yes! They complement each other very well. Fillers give the volume and Lip Blushing adds the color and definition. However, be sure to have fillers and Botox at least 4-6 weeks prior to Lip Blushing.

The Lip Blushing process feels similar to a scratching sensation. Topical anesthetics are used prior to and during the procedure to ensure client comfort.

No. There is very light scabbing for about 5-7 days post procedure. Lips appear slightly chapped but healing balm is provided to expedite and aid in the healing process. Pigment takes 4-6 weeks for color to fully develop.