July 22, 2023 • New Artist

PMU Training with Sierra: Real Testimonials, Real Value

One of the most compelling ways to understand the value of a permanent makeup (PMU) training course is by hearing directly from those who have already experienced it. In this post, we share testimonials from former students of Sierra, a Master PMU Artist and Instructor. These first-hand accounts not only paint a vivid picture of the comprehensive PMU Training with Sierra, but also illustrate her exceptional skills as a mentor and professional.


Mahogany Walker

Mahogany Walker shares, “Sierra was a great instructor for combo brow shading. She’s super knowledgeable about PMU and very thorough with explaining what you need to know about the business. She not only teaches the technique but also points you in the direction of what you need to know to get your business started after training.”

Sierra’s influence on Walker’s career extended beyond the classroom. “I originally was a client of hers when she first started, then became a student and had the pleasure of working inside her beautiful studio when I first started my own business. I definitely recommend her for getting your brows done and learning PMU.”


Gina Markle

Gina Markle’s journey also started as a client of Sierra’s. “When I scheduled a brow appointment with her, I was super nervous. Sierra was very kind and patient and educated me on the entire procedure. She included me in every step of the way (shape, color, etc.), and I barely felt a thing!”

Markle’s satisfaction with her brows inspired her to learn PMU from Sierra. “Her class is fun and very informative. She not only taught technique, but Sierra also provided me with a handbook to reference in the future, and all the tools and pigments to get me started on my PMU journey.”

According to Markle, the support didn’t end with the training. “I’d have to say the best part about the training is Sierra’s continued support and encouragement. I still call her to this day when I have questions. Sierra is a wonderful teacher and mentor and an extremely talented professional.”


Brandy Keyes

For Brandy Keyes, the personalized nature of Sierra’s training was a key highlight. “The hands-on training was personalized, and Sierra ensured that we made time for the areas we had trouble grasping prior to moving on to another section, so I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.”

Keyes also appreciated Sierra’s support after the training. “She gave a realistic picture of the expectations starting out, and she also followed through on making sure she kept in contact post-training. On many occasions, she made herself and her resources available to help me in my PMU journey.”

Keyes concludes, “Her story is inspirational, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. I’d recommend her services to anyone I know. Not only did I become a student of hers, but I also became a client and was and still am happy with the beautiful brows she gave me.”


These testimonials illustrate the value of Sierra’s PMU training – from her comprehensive approach to teaching and business insights to her enduring mentorship. They highlight the confidence and readiness her students feel as they embark on their own PMU journeys, a testament to Sierra’s exceptional instruction and support. Whether you’re looking to transform your brows or your career, Sierra’s expertise appears to leave a lasting impression.


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